The Foe That Ruled From Afar


The time has come to retake our land from a foe that ruled from afar,

The people spoke, in the form of a vote, to make Britain a free rising star.

The losers call us xenophobes, say we’re bitter and twisted and cruel,

But the truth is quite bland, we all love this land and Britain deserves British rule.

Four decades long we’ve danced to their song so tell me what was our gain?

What did we get? Were our needs often met? Just what did they give except pain?

A change in our laws clamped tight in the jaws of a group who were high on their power,

But now we will shine as we’ve stepped out of line and put cracks in their ivory tower.

They made it illegal for us to use pounds banned the inch and gallon and miles

Forced to go continental whist various governments smiled.

The changes were wide, so far-reaching, covered every facet of life,

Why could they not see, as it’s so plain to me, that the whole thing would end in strife.

The diktats arrived almost weekly, telling us how to behave,

“Sleep sound in your bed and don’t think ahead, of course your not just a slave”

Cameron banked on the ‘mushrooms’ for rescue, those who knew no other ways

People kept in the dark and fed shit for a lark, obeying their masters for praise.

There are calls for a new referendum, retrospective new rules put in place,

Two million people have signed it they won’t go with the vote in good grace.

These people speak about freedom, yet won’t honour a democratic vote,

Yet had they won, it’d be over and done, they’d have smiled and sat back to gloat.

We have stood heads held high and been counted, though the road may be rocky and rough,

It’s time to move forward in unison, we can, as us Brits we are tough.

We need to move on with new blood at the top, someone who’ll give us a voice,

With an unelected Tory in charge we haven’t been given a choice.

We’ve started to regain our country, we’ve thwarted the takeover bid,

It took four decades but we did it, of Brussels we’re really well rid.

But Scotland wants to stay with them, that’s fine, it’s their right, go ahead

When they stop getting cash from Westminster will they go to the Germans instead?

Now six other countries are watching, and demanding that they get a say,

More exits will mean bigger problems and the EU tower will sway.

So now we’ve made clear our intentions, let’s get on and do what’s required,

They don’t want us and we don’t want them honest views that should be admired.

As Juncker said so succinctly “It’s not an amicable divorce”

It’s time to stop the infighting and get straight back on the horse.

To the Remainers I say look to history, to learn what made Britain great,

For when the divorce becomes final once again we’ll be able to date.

We will trade and we’ll talk and life will go on, the stars will not fall from the sky,

And when all the dust finally settles, once again our country will fly high.